The Type of Players
Every successful player knows that there are not only "bad" and "good" players. It's not that easy and there are different types of players you should know:
Loose player:
This player is playing far too many starting hands. He calls a raise with J6 just to see what develops on the flop. He calls with any two suited cards because he might flop a flush. Most of the beginners are playing too loosely. After seeing some flops with weak hands, he loses chip after chip. Of course you can hit a good flop with any two cards, even 72 but it's highly unlikely. To make money with an 85 you have to hit trips like A88 and not 5AJ giving you bottom pair. If you played some poker hands you have to know this type of player because there are plenty of them around the tables.
Tight players:
For most people Poker is supposed to be fun and sitting there waiting for very good hands isn’t fun. So a big share of players are loose and the opposite, tight players, are rare. They are waiting for the right starting hands like QQ, AK, TT and so on.
These were the categories before the flop. Let's take a look at different types of players after the flop:
Passive players:
Usually, passive players don't raise. They just call over and over again, even with worse hands and draws. Their first mistake is to call too often and the second is not to extract enough money from their good hands because they raise and bet too rarely.
This player likes to bet, raise and re-raise. If an aggressive player has a good hand, he bets and raises. If he's on a draw he plays aggressively. An aggressive player rarely calls. He wants to have control over the betting and to take the lead.
Now, we have the pre-flop and post-flop categories and in general there are four types of players:
Loose-passive player:
Also called fish. The fish plays far too many hands (loose) and plays passively after the flop. He calls again and again and he wants to be involved in most of the pots. He doesn't believe in odds and pot odds and just keeps calling with weak draws and hands because „it might be good“ or „the right card must come on the river“. This is the player you’re happy to find at the table because he's so easy to exploit.
Loose-aggressive player:
A very loose-aggressive player is called a maniac. You find some of them online and even more of them in card rooms. This guy wants to play every pot (loose) and he wants to play aggressively. He makes huge raises before the flop and keeps on betting and raising after the flop. Beating him is not as easy as beating the fish but in the long term he loses because of his lack of starting hand requirements and his too aggressive play after the flop
Tight-passive player:
This player is called rock. He only plays the very best hands but plays them passively. If he has JJ, he might raise before the flop but if there's a single over card, he backs down and thinks he's beaten. A very tight-passive player is called a weak-tight player. This guy always thinks there are monsters under his bed and if there's any single card that might kill his nuts he often check folds because he thinks he must be beaten...
Tight-aggressive player:
All the other players are playing quite badly. Thus, there must be a category that beats all the others. And here it is: The tight-aggressive playing style. Such a player is also called "shark". The shark plays only quality hands but he plays them aggressively. If he enters a pot, he raises. If he thinks he's ahead after the flop, he bets and raises to defend his hand. If he's on a draw he bets and raises and might win the pot without showing his hand.
As a future successful player you have to learn the tight-aggressive style. And not enough: you have to pay attention to your opponents and classify them. As a tight-aggressive player you're not playing every pot, only about every fourth hand. If you have folded, you should pay attention to the other players and try to categorize them. If you see a player limping and limping and almost never raising or betting, then you can be quite sure that you found a fish, a loose-passive player.
"Poker is a game of people... It's not the hand I hold, it's the people that I play with."
"Look around the table.  If you don't see a sucker, get up, because you're the sucker."
"Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn't play poker."
"They anticipate losing when they sit down and I try my darndest not to disappoint one of them."